Is this the future?

The futuristic three-wheeled concept is designed to be able to adapt to the type of riding the rider wants to do. 

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Kawasaki's J-Concept

Three wheeled motorcycle-meets-sooter

By now, well into the second century of automobility, you’d think that we’d be using something better than just yesterday’s bikes today. It isn’t just what critics of motorcycle engineering claim as the stultifying effect of motorcyclist conservatism, but because turning by leaning is so natural to us, as I try to explain in my 2008 book, Bodies in Motion: Evolution and Experience in Motorcycling.

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BMW Concept Motorcycle Safe

The bike has the full range of connected data from its surroundings

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Ergonomic Advantage

Our evolution has left us with a preference for the sensorium of the leaning experience, which confronts visionary engineers with a set of intractable design problems.

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Three wheeled motorcycle-meets-sooter

Kawasaki claim the concept vehicle is 'an imaginative and far-sighted look at the future of urban and suburban personal transport.'

The BMW Motorrad Vision

By collating the data it has gathered, it can suggest ideal lines and banking angles, or warn riders of hazards ahead

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Kawasaki "J" Concept

Watch the Kawasaki video to see how the Concept J changes its physical layout as its rider decides to go from sportbike to touring bike or in-town cruiser.

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Kawasaki Motorcycles

Kawasaki didn’t invent the modern superbike category, but when the Japanese company launched the 903cc DOHC four-cylinder Z1 in 1973, it ignited a powder keg of excitement for high-performance liter-bikes that has never abated. Today the Ninja ZX-10R stands among the highest-performance production bikes ever built, and it bristles with technologies like ram-air induction, three-mode traction control and ABS.

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2019 Kawasaki KLX140L

2018 Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe

The most two-wheeled fun you can get for your money.

In many parts of the county, a chill in the air might mean it's time to hang up the riding gear for the season. But we say it's also a great time to shop for the latest bikes. The industry is cranking out plenty of smaller, less expensive bikes these days, and seriously great deals are abundant on many of the newest and coolest models.

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The 10 Best Buys in Motorcycles for 2018

Is the Kawasaki Ninja 400 coming to the United States?

 The most obvious clue could be the fact that, according to, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has already published certification forms for the 399cc engine of Kawasaki Ninja 400. 

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Kawasaki showcases Supercharger technology and Rideology strategy in Tokyo

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