Plants in the Interior

How to Use Plants in the Interior

Plants are as important as other accessories in the space. Well-chosen plants — artfully displayed — enhance your home’s unique look and make it feel healthier and more connected with nature.

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Plant Care Guide

Plants tend to be an afterthought in interior design. And the more bad experiences you have with plants (in other words, how many of them die at your hand), the more likely you are to push them to the back burner or forget about them altogether. However, we know that plants make us happier, helps us recharge and even be more productive.

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FICUS Microcarpa Ginseng

How Use Plants In Interior Design


Plan Your Central Design Around Plants

Plants add life and color to a space, while also bringing you closer to nature. Instead of adding plants into your interior design as an after thought.


Add Sheet Moss Or Sand To Pots

There are a few different materials you can spread over the soil to create a unique look. If you have a small planter filled with African violets, add a cover of moss to the top 


Give Plants Enough Room To Grow

Indoor plants are generally slower growing plants, although if you select a variety that tends to grow faster you will want to ensure the plant has enough space to grow

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Plant a garden anywhere

Wherever we are, plants make us happier. We have potted plants and durable pots in different sizes that you can place or hang up in your outdoor space, plus accessories to help you care for them.

ANANAS Potted plant




CALATHEA Potted plant


ASPLENIUM Potted plant


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Interior Design Advice

How To Create A Cool Urban Oasis With Indoor Plants

Does your interior feel a little too much like a cell block? Being the hardworking gent we know you are, you absolutely need to be surrounded by space that is both uplifting and inspiring. 

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