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Welcome to Indie on the Move's compiled listing of annual music festivals, conferences, and business seminars helping bands and musicians increase their industry knowledge, broaden their networking reach, and spread the word about their music, shows, and tours.

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Find Your Perfect Festival

Discover the best music festival for you and get tickets.

Festival season is here and is real. If you’re wishing you were in a field in your wellies, listening to the soundtrack of summer, don’t fear. We’ve picked out the top festivals for next year so you can get ahead of the pack and be poised to grab tickets as soon as they’re released.

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The best music festivals

From finding your inner hippie on top of a Bulgarian mountain, to camping under the stars in the Sahara desert, these festivals are sure to tick off a few experiences you’d never dreamed of doing before.

After all, it is at these annual events that people from all corners of the music industry come together to learn about the newest trends in digital media, social networking and music marketing, discuss and strategize recent developments in every sector of the music marketplace, and meet and greet up-and-coming artists that are creating a buzz.

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Glastonbury Festival

23-25 January, la

And with regards to the larger festivals like Lollapalooza or Bonnaroo, be sure to think outside of the box. While many of them do not regularly book independent acts for their official showcases, the national and international bands that do perform often draw some of the biggest built-in crowds imagineable and provide a large influx of music lovers to each respective event location.

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15-14 may, la

A boiling pot of vibrancy, theatre, fantasy, escapism and camaraderie, Boomtown Fair is a hub of diverse and non-commercialised musical movements whose roots stretch far and wide. Consisting of nine districts with a different emphasis, you may be chilling to some folk one minute, and then travelling at 180 BPM to some drum & bass the next.

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